Prayer of Binding and Loosing – Why he is Essential

Prayer of Binding and Loosing

This is an essential prayer in the life of every believer. It is also a key tool in spiritual battle. We have a tendency to forget that although we are many things as believers, we are first and foremost warriors. We have a command from God to battle evil. As believers we are at war with evil and the prayer of binding and loosing is an important weapon that is available to us.
The word bind means to forbid or prevent. When you bind something you prevent it or forbid it from doing what is meant to do. Through the prayer of binding and loosing you are acting as God’s agents on earth. We are His ambassadors. Jesus referred to the prayer of binding and loosing as the key to the kingdom. Through this prayer you unlock the door to the covenant promises that God has given to us. By binding and loosing those things which God has declared lawful to bind or loose you are putting the covenant to work. As a believer, you are putting God’s will to work when pray the prayer of binding and loosing in accordance with what He has declared permissible for you to bind or loose.
There are two important keys to consider when praying the prayer of binding and loosing.

  • 1 John 4:17 says, “As He is, so are we in the world.” Ephesians 1:18, talks about the hope of His calling, not ours. We need to live up to the expectations of the calling of Jesus. It is His calling, His life and His ministry that we are living in and that we are called to represent. You are part of His body. He is head and all that belongs to the head also belongs to the rest of the body. When we move on earth we are acting in agreement with the head in heaven.
  • John 15:7, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be given unto you.” This is part of the covenant agreement or covenant prayer, if he has your all he is free to give you his all.How to operate in the prayer of binding and loosing:You must NEVER use this prayer too bind people’s free will. You must only bind that which is already forbidden in Heaven or loose that which is already lawful in Heaven. (See Matthew 18:18) Free will is not bound in heaven therefore you do not have the authority to bind a person’s free will.

Like the prayer of faith, the prayer of binding and loosing must contain the promises of God, the written word.


In sickness you might pray; I forbid or bind this cold, or cancer, or aids to come on me in the name of Jesus. Jesus bore my sicknesses and diseases when He died on the cross. By his stripes I am healed and sickness you are defeated in Jesus name, you are the work of the enemy and the enemy is bound by heaven from bringing this sickness on God’s children.

For services you may pray:

I bind all hindrances that would try to come against this service tonight. I bind all disruptive spirits and I forbid you satan from bringing doubt and unbelief into this service. (Unbelief and doubt are works of the enemy and bound in heaven) I loose the spiritual ears of those who are about to receive this word. (Spiritual hearing is not only allowed but it is a command that we be led of the spirit).
Praying the prayer of binding and loosing is forbidding what God has already said you are free of and loosing blessing, victory and healing that has been promised to you.

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